Many patients have some experience with blood diagnostic testing, whether it’s an annual cholesterol test or something more comprehensive, like a complete thyroid panel or testing sex hormone levels. The problem with most conventional doctors is that they’re likely to tell you that your labs came back ‘completely normal’ even when you know something is wrong. Our doctors, on the other hand, question the wide reference of ranges that are used in conventional medicine.

As the population becomes sicker with conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and thyroid imbalances, clinical ranges are widened, as it becomes more and more ‘normal’ to feel sick. These ranges are often so wide, they hold progressively less value, and certainly don’t take the individual person into account.

We will curate lab tests according to your specific condition or concern, from cholesterol levels, to metabolic function, to cortisol and other hormonal testing, to food allergy and sensitivity panels. Each doctor interprets and explains each value in a way that you can understand, and provides practical medical advice that will allow you to optimize your health, not just maintain it.

Health Conditions

The approach we use in functional medicine can be applied to any health condition!